Saturday, 24 March 2012

Shinhwa – The Return

[Album] Shinhwa - The Return

신화 (Shinhwa) – 10집 THE RETURN
Release Date : 2012.03.22
Language: Korean
Genre: Dance Pop, Ballad

Track List:
01 On The Road
02 Hurts
03 Venus
04 Red Carpet
05 Move With Me
06 Let It Go
07 Stay
08 Welcome
09 Be My Love
10 Re-Love
11 Breathin’

Shinhwa is back! Now that all the members have completed their military service, K-pop’s longest running boy band makes a mighty return in March 2012 with their tenth album, aptly titled The Return. Shinhwa comes back in style with double lead tracks. The dance title song Venus is a pop-electro number with strong beats, a catchy chorus, and lyrics penned by Lee Min Woo. On the slow song side, Eric takes the songwriting lead for the ballad title song Hurts, a melancholic 8-beat pop ballad which features Frankie J. With the members participating in the album’s songwriting and direction, The Return is an ambitious effort covering Brit-pop, pop ballad, urban R&B, and other genres, showing that the legend of Shinhwa will only keep getting bigger and better with time.

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