Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nu'est Member Profile

Name : Kim Jong Hyun (김종현)
Stage Name : JR ( Junior Royal )
Birth Date : 8th June 1995
Weight : 58kg
Height : 176cm
Position : Leader Rapper Dancer
Facts : Cameo in Orange Caramel's Bangkok City MV

Name : Aaron Kwak
Stage Name : Aron
Birth date : 21st May 1993
Weight : 57kg
Height : 175cm
Position : Vocalist
Facts : Born and raised in L.A California

Name : Hwang Min Hyun
Stange Name : Min Hyun
Birth Date : 8th August 1995
Weight : 65kg
Height : 183cm
Position : Main Vocal, Center
Facts : Starred in Orange Caramel's Shanghai Romance MV

Name : Kang Dong Ho
Stage Name : Baekho | White Tiger
Birth Date : 21st July 1995
Weight : 63kg
Height : 178cm
Position : Main Vocalist
Facts : Starred in After School's Play Ur Love MV

Name : Choi Min Ki
Stage Name : Ren | Len
Birth Date : 3rd November 1995
Weight : 56kg
Height : 179cm
Position : Maknae , Mood Maker
Facts : Featured and back up dancer of After School Blue's Wonder Boy with other member


  1. isn't maknae for those who are the youngest one? The one with the smallest age? Ren isn;t the one who is the younges, am I correct? Then why his position is "maknae"?

  2. yes...maknae is for the youngest 1..wrong info...i already correct the wrong

  3. My favorite in NU'EST is REN ><
    He is so cute.. his face shape make me really jealous of him TT^TT
    How beautiful he is TT^TT

  4. okayyhh... ;)i love aron..he so sweet n handsome!


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