Saturday, 7 April 2012

TM Career & Education Fair 2012

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) will be organizing its TM Career & Education Fair 2012, which will be held from 6 till 8 April 2012 at TM Convention Centre, Menara TM(Jalan Pantai Baharu) promising career, development and multiple benefits. It is the first of such event organised by TM for the public at large. 

Besides providing visitors with a glimpse of the operations of TM and its subsidiaries, the event also offers over 300 job openings, transcending various scopes – from telecommunications, Technical & Engineering, multimedia, sales, marketing to support functions like Finance, Customer Service, Human Capital and Social Media.

What’s unique about TM Career & Education Fair 2012 is visitors can walk straight into the on-site job interviews that will be held for the vacancies which may also lead to immediate job offers.

In addition to the job openings, the Fair will offer internship and scholarship opportunities for students of institutions of higher learning (IPTA/IPTS).

Besides that, the event will also showcase the various education programmes offered by TM’s education arms – Multimedia University (MMU) and Multimedia College (MMC).

Visitors to TM Career & Education Fair 2012 can also sit in and listen to talks by reputable and renowned speakers on how to chart their career, how to be successful, how to find work-life balance and other self-development related topics.

As a special treat for the youth, TM will be bringing Bunkface to TM Career &Education Fair 2012 for a special performance on Saturday, 7 April 2012 at 2.00 pm.

Members of the public who are interested can pre-register at the TM website. Entrance is free and open to all.

P/S : aku dah pergi Tm career & education fair 2012 neh masa ari jumaat...perrgghh..ramai giler orang yg datang...aku datang mse ari jumaat 06/04/2012....nk masuk yg talk, kena register dulu...tempat limited...aku nak dengar talk ustaz Don je...hahaha...sure tak dapat even aku dah register...tape la..len kali je la kan aku dengar talk ustaz Don...Korang pergi lah...esk dah ahad..last day utk diz event...byk job yg di offer....jz walk in interview masa hari la untuk post apa yg korang nak..anyway, good luck!!

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