Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Jang Hee Young (Gavy NJ) Feat Gil Me – Love Is Pain (Music Video & Lyrics - English Translation)

Jang Hee Young

Gil Me

Why now, why are you leaving me
Why are you leaving, why are you leaving me
Why now, why are you leaving me, why?

I got ya - With the illusion of thinking that you were mine
I lived as I clung onto a fake love
You were the first to take everything of me
But a mere person like me couldn't have you from the start
I know - your smile and even your warm eyes
Ain't no - I don't expect those things - tell me what to do
I just need your heart alone - I breathe because of you
I even long for your cold words so much

* Love is pain - I'm cut with the pain you left me
What am I to do if you just leave me? Hold me please

What am I supposed to do with the scars on my heart
Cut by your cold break-up that spread all over?
You know that I can't live without you

** Why, why, why, is my heart
Every day, every day, every day, rainy
Lonely lonely lonely love me
Hold me hold me hold me baby

So sick - look at me, who is hurting
At least try to shed some fake tears
Why are you breaking up as if it's nothing
How meaningless am I to you?
It'll probably be better if I put this baggage down
But I can't let go of your hand and I remain in confusion
Eventually, no more drama - you are not next to me
I just step on your shadows - I can't even touch you

* Repeat

It's your name name nae
I want to forget you
Not being able to see you ever again seems like a lie
It's your name name nae (I try to erase you)
I want to forget you
But this cruel love cannot be erased

* Repeat

** Repeat (x2)

Stay a little bit longer
No one loves you more than me
I can never live without you
Love is pain

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