Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Se7en - Somebody Else English Translation Lyrics

I can't bear to hug you, who is in front of me
I can't say a single word so every day, 
I am only looking at you like this

Right now, in your two eyes, already since a long time ago
A different person other than me
Is standing before you, smiling at you

* Your back getting farther away is holding onto me
With the pointless hope that you might look back
I am always waiting for you

** You love somebody else
Though I am standing here
If I can't have you
Then I want to dance with your memories
Somebody else
Though I am standing here
If everything is a dream
I want to dance with your memories

I can look at you but I can't approach you
I have no courage because I'm afraid we might grow far apart
So I'm waiting and I'm waiting
Though I don't know where the end is

Everyone tells me that I'm such a fool but
No one knows my heart
My heart that only beats toward you
Cannot be stopped

Will you just let me stay by your side?
I am happy the way things are right now
Behind you, for you
I will wait until that day

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