Monday, 5 December 2011

Flower Boy Ramyuan Shop

Cha Chi-Soo (Jeong Il-Woo) is the only son for a family that owns Korea’s largest food conglomerate named Chasung. Chi-Soo comes back from New York without telling his father. He looks for a place that his father would not know about, but it isn’t easy to hide from his dad. Chi-Soo hears that one of his friends works a part-time job in the Norangjin area. When he arrives there he is followed by people who works for his father. Chi-Soo rushes into the restroom, but in there is Yang Eun-Bi (Lee Chung-Ah). Eventually, Chi-Soo goes home to talk with his father. He persuades his father not to send him back to America and in return Chi-Soo promises to go back to school.

Yang Eun-Bi (Lee Chung-Ah) is 25-years-old and a senior in college studying physical education. She believes that teaching is the best type of job to have. You don’t have to worry about getting fired and it’s popular with guys. To become a teacher Yang Eun-Bi studies for the teacher certification examination in the Norangjin area. One day, she stops by to see a fortune teller (Kim Hye-Soo). While getting her fortune read she picks out a card with the fate bell ring and kissing. Meanwhile, she goes to the restroom and suddenly Chi-Soo rushes into the restroom. Eun-Bi hears bells ringing, but she already has a boyfriend who is about to be discharged from the army. They met the day before he joined the army and she has waited for him faithfully for 2 years. Yang Eun-Bi tries not to think about the man she met in the restroom.

On the day of her boyfriend’s discharge, Eun-Bi goes to see him, but he has already left. The next day, Eun-Bi goes to school. At the university festival that is occurring that day Eun-Bi sees the guy from the bathroom at the festival. Eun-Bi assumes Chi-Soo is a student at her university. Suddenly, Eun-Bi also sees her boyfriend and one of her schoolmates together. Eun-Bi becomes enraged and throws a water ballon at them. Eun-Bi then walks away and gets into a car which Chi-Soo is in. She pleads with him to drive. After driving away, Chi-Soo parks his car and Eun-Bi begins to cry. Chi-Soo tells her that he doesn’t like women crying and lets her get out of his car.

Eun-Bi decides to focus on becoming a teacher and meeting a good guy. On the way to a teaching session at a high school run by food company Chasung, she meets Chi-Soo again. Eun-Bi assumes Chi-Soo works for the company. She then almost falls down in front of a passing car when Chi-Soo saves her. Eun-Bi, believing he might be the good guy in her future, asks Chi-Soo to date her. Then Eun-Bi sees a bunch of guys wearing the same uniform as Chi-Soo and realizes he is a high school student at the same school where she will intern as a teacher …

  • Jung Il Woo as Cha Chi Soo
  • Lee Chung Ah as Yang Eun Bi
  • Lee Ki Woo as Choi Kang Hyuk
  • Kim Ye Won as Kang Dong Joo
  • Jo Yoon Woo (조윤우) as Woo Hyun Woo
  • Park Min Woo (박민우) as Kim Ba Wool
  • Joo Hyun as Cha Ok Gyun (Chi Soo's father)
  • Ho Soo (호수) as Yoon So Yi
  • Seo Bum Suk as Jung Gyu
  • Jung In Ki as Yang Chul Dong
  • ??? as Kim Jae Ho (Eun Bi's ex-boyfriend)
  • Kim Hye Soo as fortuneteller (cameo, ep 1)
  • Gong Hyo Jin as store owner (cameo, ep 9)

P/S : Rite now, ak tengah gler tgk cter korea neh...besh o0o0o0...cter neh bru release diz year n tgh dtygkn kt korea pye channel..drama neh, ada 16 episod...setakat ak update neh, bru 10 episod yg kuar...huhuhu...x sbr ak nk continue tgk diz drama smpai abes...huhuhu...i'm addicted korean! gamsahabnida....!!!! 

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