Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Big Time Rush Album - Elevate (2011)

Genres: Pop, Music, Rock, Dance, R&B/Soul, Teen Pop, Contemporary R&B
Released: Nov 18, 2011
2011 Sony Music Entertainment

Tracklist :
01 Music Sounds Better With U
02 Show Me
03 All Over Again
04 No Idea
05 Cover Girl
06 Love Me Love Me
07 If I Ruled the World (feat. Iyaz)
08 Invisible
09 Time of Our Life
10 Superstar
11 You’re Not Alone
12 Elevate
13 Blow Your Speakers

P/S : aku jz nk recommend diz boy band kt kowg...full album dye, ak da dgr...not bad la...leh layan gk la lgu2  dye..x nyesal taw...e2 pendapat aku kowg, i dunno la...hik3...

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