Friday, 19 August 2011

Tips for Staying Happy at Work

1:: Leave personal problems at home
Just as you need to let go of work to enjoy your
time at home, leave personal worries at home so
you can focus and be productive at work.
Nobody’s personal life is completely problem-free.

2:: Create an office nest
Make your workstation as comfortable and
relaxed as you can to enjoy your personal zone
while at work.

3:: Develop an office support system
Choose a colleague or two who shares similar
background or lifestyle with you and understands
your feelings, it can help minimise stress.

4:: Be organised
Create a manageable schedule and plan your work
according to your deadlines to handle your workload.

5:: Get up. Walk around. Stretch.
Take a break, stand up, and move around every one
hour or so along with some light stretching. Helps
keep you focused, less fatigued and feeling better.

6:: Don’t try to change your coworkers
You can’t change anyone; you can only change the
way you react to them. Don’t let other people’s
actions affect you. Just figure out a way to resolve
conflicts and avoid uncomfortable situations.

7:: Reward yourself
Identify a reward outside of your job,
and indulge yourself.

8:: Focus on the positive
Identify the things that you like at work,
even if they are as simple as your coworkers or the
nice view from your office window. You create
your own mind-set. If you look on the positives,
you will make your job more enjoyable.

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