Sunday, 14 August 2011

Quotes About Islamic...

A Muslim - holds strongly to Islamic principles, but yet is adaptable to change when applying them in response to contemporary issues and challenges.

A Muslim - is morally and spiritually strengthened to face the challenges of modern society, especially the changing economy.

A Muslim - knows about Islamic history and civilization, and is intellectually equipped to understand Islam and contemporary issues of the Islamic world.

A Muslim - believes that a good Muslim is also a good citizen.

A Muslim - is well adjusted to living in a secular state and multi-religious society, and contributes to global humanity, including taking leadership roles.

A Muslim - is progressive, keeps up with the demands of modern society and practices Islam beyond rituals or form.

A Muslim - appreciates the richness of other civilizations, and is self-confident enough to interact with others and is prepared to learn from them.

A Muslim - is inclusive and practices pluralism where this does not go against Islamic principles.

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