Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wonderful Radio (Korean Movie)


Shin Gi-na (Lee Min-Jeong), a former leader of a popular girl group, now host of radio show called Wonderful Radio. When the producer is sacked due to low ratings, new guy Lee Jae-ik (Lee Jung-jin) is hired in his place. Lee is cold and unfriendly who only drinks iced coffee even in winter. The easily irritable Lee and the conceited former diva constantly gets on each other's nerves. During yet another argument with Lee, Shin comes up with an idea for a new feature - invite a listener to the studio to read out their story and sing a song. It turns out to be a surprise success. Over time, Lee and Shin learn more about each other and gradually they grow closer.

Lee Min-Jeong - Shin Gi-na
Lee Jung-jin - Lee Jae-Ik
Lee Kwang Soo - Cha Dae-Keun
Kim Jung-Tae - In-Suk
Jung Yoo-Mi - Nan-Seol
Kim Byung-Ok - Director Im
Jeong Man-Sik - Ja-Hyung
Jo Jung-Eun - Da-Hee
Kim Hae-Suk - Jin-A's mother
Han Yeo-Woon - Jin-A's friend
Seo-Young - Mi-Ra

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