Sunday, 6 May 2012

Gavy NJ – Don’t Call Me (Music Video & Lyrics)

[Single] Gavy NJ - Don't Call Me


In a good mood, I put on some makeup
I put on some high heels
And I went out to the streets while listening to this song
People are secretly looking at me,
It's been a while but it doesn't feel bad
If you saw me, you would have regretted it

* It seemed like I would die without you
But strangely, it's liveable
Now bye bye bye bye, don't call me
Even if you're drunk late at night, no no
Even if you're lonely, no no, don't call me

** It's a-a-a-all over
I was crazy to cling onto you
I will meet someone better than you

Anyone can see that this new guy I'm seeing is so great
He's so different than you, whose words were always first
Your lies were like a habit, oh
I pity myself for shedding tears over your jokes, oh

* Repeat

** Repeat

Please forget my phone number now
It's all over, baby come on
Just shut your mouth and leave
Please stop trying to hold onto me
Don't tell anybody about our relationship
My heart is already fully emptied
No matter how much you try to shake me, it's over
It's over, wave goodbye
Now don't don't don't don't, I don't wanna cry
Even if I think of your voice, no no
Even if we run into each other, no no I don't wanna cry

Luv luv luv luv, I will be in love
Even if you cling on and beg
Now it's too late, snap out of it

Bye bye bye bye, don't call me

** Repeat

I don't wanna your love
Now for real, bye bye bye

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